Rio Gozo Farm’s Logo

Graphic designer Alison SoensRio Gozo Farm’s new logo is coming out soon, and guess what image we’re going with?
The one we love the most, the Beet.

Ironically, it’s the one thing we’ve had trouble growing from seed this year at Rio Gozo Farm. It’s the good kind of trouble… there’s a soil borne pest that occurs in rich, healthy soils containing a lot of decomposed material. Lately, we’ve been transplanting our beets and it has resulted in Rio Gozo Farm beets in the CSA once again.

One of Rio Gozo Farm Ventura CSA’s members is Alison Soens, a hip graphic designer from Ventura.

She does design, paintings, and illustrations- her whimsical paintings often incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials. You can find her work on her website or on her blogs here and here. But most impressive is how she manages two blogs?

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new logo.