Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.25.35 AMBecause farmer John Fonteyn is also a chef, he has a unique relationship with area restaurants and chefs.

Your meal didn’t just take an hour to prepare, it took 110 days, because that’s when we started thinking about what you might like to eat.”

  • Special orders available – we can plant specifically for your menu!
  • Restaurant Deliveries available
  • Terms of Payment: COD (Check or Cash)

Call or email us for more information.
Restaurant inquiries, please contact John Fonteyn (805) 272 5337

Price List: Winter and Fall

(All items listed are subject to availability and fluctuation of market value)

Arugula $1.75/ bunch
Basil $1.50/ bunch
Beets $2.00/ bunch
Bell Peppers $2.50/ lb
Bok Choi $1.50/ head
Broccoli $3.50/ lb, $24/ case
Brussels Sprouts $3.00/ lb (not available)
Cabbage, Green and Savoy $1.00/ lb
Carrots, Icicles, Nelson, Nantes $2.00/ bunch
Celeriac $1.50 each
Celery $1.75/ bunch
Chard $1.75/ bunch, $42/ case
Chili Peppers $4.50/ lb
Cilantro $1.50/ bunch
Collard Greens $1.75/ bunch, $42/ case
Dandelion Greens $1.75/ bunch
Dill $1.50/ bunch
Eggplant, Rosa Bianca and Genovese $2.50/ lb
Endive/ Escarole $1.50 p/ head, $36/ case
FennelĀ  $1.50/bunch or ea
Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) $3.00/ bunch
Kale, Lacinato and Wild $1.75/bunch, $42/ case
Lettuce Romaine, Butter,Red, Green $1.50/ head, $36/ case
Mint, Chocolate $1.50/ bunch(not available)
Parsley $1.50/ bunch
Radicchio $1.50/ head
Radish $1.50/ bunch
Spinach $5.00/ lb
Tomatoes, Red Slicers $2.00/ lb
Tomatoes, Heirloom $3.00/ lb
Tomatoes, Cherry $4.00/ basket
Turnips $1.75/ bunch
Winter Squash, Acorn, Butternut $1.50/ lb
Winter Squash, Delicata $2.00/ lb